Samuel Bennett is a traveling comedian, actor, and musician based out of Portsmouth, NH. He has performed from the Seacoast area of New Hampshire to the golden coast of California, and few places in between. A regular comedian at the Eastville Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, Sam has broken down many a man and lady into fits of hysteria and CWL (Crying While Laughing) syndrome. Sam is usually found performing music at the Brick House in Dover, acting at the Player’s Ring, and telling jokes where ever he may be standing. Joining Darwin’s group for a brief cameo in a few shorts shot during the summer, Sam was never allowed to leave.

Sam is a huge comic book nerd, believer in the phrase “If the women don’t find you handsome, they might as well find you handy”, and a generally nice person. He’d love to talk to you anytime you run into him.

Comedy, Enlightened 2011 (actor)
Comedy, Evolved 2012 (actor)
Laughter @ the Loft 2012 (actor)

Its Complicated (actor)
Coming Out (actor)

Sam Bennett may play the part of an Eastern-bloc mafia thug on the streaming video show Ivan Terrible – Streets of Pain, but in real life he’s a gentle and sensitive potter who has his own shop under Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth. For every sale, Sam donates one of his cracked or broken pots and bowls to homeless shelters in the area.  When Sam is not acting or dirtying his hands with clay, he plays the pan flute in the garden of Prescott Park dressed as a sprite.  This is also something he does for fun though the police have asked him several times not to jump in the fountain at the end of his pan pipe concerts.  DWR found Sam while surfing Youtube under a search for End of Times predictions.  We were so impressed with the growling he made on the video, we knew we could use him as a cave man at some point.  Sam dedicates all his performances to the Polish American Veterans though he is neither Polish nor a Veteran.